Landscaping Ideas

Need help with your landscaping? We have everything you need from landscape planning to landscaping ideas from the experts at Better Homes and Gardens® Online. Check out the garden plans, then decide which plan will be best for your landscape.

Landscaping Ideas for Yards and Surrounding Areas

Ideas for enhancing the landscaping around your pool or spa with a deck. There are ideas for every type of setting. Lighting ideas are also included to make sure your landscaped area is safe for entertaining.

Edible Landscaping Ideas

Money does grow on trees...and on bushes and vines and ground covers, too. With Edible Landscaping Ideas, your garden will taste as good as it looks.

Front Yard Landscape Plans

Give the front of your house a facelift with these landscaping ideas and garden plans.

12 Money-Saving Tips for Landscaping Ideas

Keeping costs down may be the toughest landscape challenge. Use our price guide as a starting point for your budget.

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